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Important information about cleanroom garments

Cleanroom garments – the most important filter between human and product

Humans are the biggest source of contamination in the cleanroom. This is the reason why high quality cleanroom garments are absolutely essential for protection of the product. The following aspects should therefore be considered when choosing garments:

  • technical features of the Cleanroom fabric
  • wearing comfort and physiological characteristics
  • garment construction, e.g. the quality of the seams, the fitting etc.

In order to have an optimal running “system of cleanroom garments” (chapter 1.3) it is necessary that all the individual demands on the cleanroom garments be checked with the requirements of the user at their workstation. Only once this is done the filter between human and product can become effective.

Trust in our competence

Making a decision as to which system gives an optimal solution for your cleanroom is not always easy. For this reason we offer our extensive experience within the field. In order to provide the perfect solution for you, we have devised the following procedures to make the choice of appropriate products easier.

Amongst them are:

  • Tests of fabrics under a standardised dastex procedure
  • Co-operation with independent institutes to prove our quality standards
  • Assembly and continuous development of our own test cleanroom (Body-Box, chapter 1.3) including the ability to test cleanroom products with the use of the Helmke- Drum-Method or the modified ASTM F51-68 test methods
  • Supply of technical data provided by the manufacturer
  • Despatch of samples to our customers for in situ testing
  • Complete technical back-up from our in house experts
  • Links, via dastex, to a world-wide network of leading cleanroom product manufacturers

This grants our customers complete information for all quoted products, and a high level of confidence whenever an order is placed.

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