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Here you can find our complete product range. Simply and fast available. All products and items can be easily added to your inquiry list and will be sent to us. We handle your inquiry immediately and will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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1  Technical documentation

2  Cleanroom garments

3  Undergarments

4  Cleanroom service

5  Shoes

6  Disposable and protective clothing

7  Gloves and finger cots

8  Cleanroom paper and accessories

 9  Cleanroom wipes

10  Cleaning products

11  Disinfectants

12  Tacky mats

13  Technical products

14  Furniture

15  Dispensers

16  Miscellaneous products

17  Additional general information

Safety, also for the eyes

In aseptic areas it is more and more important to cover the eyes in order to achieve optimum protection from contamination. This can be achieved with an autoclavable goggle or with visor.

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NEW! Powder latex gloves

Latex gloves normally fit closely and offer an extremely good sense of touch. They are very flexible and therefore also tearresistant. For aseptic areas some items are offered in a sterile version, in pairs and hand specific (= left/right)...

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