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Important information about cleanroom service

General Information

Every cleanroom requires maximise protection against unwanted particles. Therefore dastex, in co-operation with our service partner, offers the complete cleanroom service. Hereby can be assured

  • the optimal cleanroom garments are selected for every cleanroom,
  • a perfect care service is offered for the optimal cleanroom garments,
  • the cleanroom garments can – in accordance with professional decontamination, if necessary be sterilised – perform their tasks to your complete satisfaction

It doesn't suffice simply to wash cleanroom garments and to remove the visible dirt. Only a qualified decontamination under cleanroom conditions offers you the perfect solution.

The proof: It has been proven that very high particle concentrations are produced in an ordinary laundry by the textile processing itself. After a normal washing program, cleanroom garments can still show a grade of contamination of 20,000 particles per ft2 and more.

According to the American ASTM F 51-00 for example, the grade of contamination allowed a maximum of 1.000 particles per ft2, or in other words a maximum of 1 particle (5 Micron) per cm2 in a cleanroom class A.

ASTM F 51-68: Particles in cleanroom garments after decontamination

To provide the high level of service required, our service partners have developed a technologically advanced way of decontamination that guarantees the qualities necessary to provide you with optimal cleanroom conditions.

These processes are continuously improved and adapted to the very latest standards. Thus allowing us and our partners to offer you an optimal and comprehensive solution.

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