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Interesting facts

about cleaning

The definition of cleaning in the industrial sector is "maintenance and restoration of cleanliness". Cleanrooms, where dirt and contamination are in many cases not visually obvious at first sight, pose a challenge.

Depending on the size of the area to be worked on, the processes taking place, the air cleanliness classification, as well as other individual conditions on site, there are a multitude of cleaning equipment options in different varieties and qualities. 

Important differences and danger of confusion concerning language use

  • basic and maintenance cleaning
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • manual and machine cleaning


Depending on the size of the area to be worked on, the processes taking place and the air cleanliness classification, as well as other individual conditions on site, there are a multitude of cleaning equipment options in different varieties and qualities.

  • mop systems and handles
  • cleaning trolleys and accessories
  • special tools and solutions
  • brooms, wipers and squeegees
  • sponges, sponge clothes and special wipes
  • cleaning swabs
  • vacuum cleaners
  • devices for efficiency control and for employee training

You can find further products under cleanroom wipes and disinfectants!
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Cleaning systems

Please choose the category of your interest.

Mop systems

Our mop systems such as mop cover holders and handles can be freely combined and are designed for a width of approx. 40 cm.

Cleaning trolleys and accessories

The cleaning trolleys are available in a GMP version or in the classic cleanroom (CR) version. They can be combined individually.

Cleaning tools

Many cleaning activities, especially for special materials, machines and applications, can only be carried out with specially created equipment.

Adhesive cleaning products

Cleaning products that bind particles to themselves or remove them from surfaces by adhesive force.

Sponges and special wipes

Our sponges and special wipes are specially manufactured for cleanrooms. A high cleaning effect is guaranteed by the optimised particle and liquid absorption.

Cleaning swabs

For cleaning activities in cleanrooms for which a wipe or other equipment is not suitable, special cleaning sticks, so-called swabs, are used.

Efficiency control and training

In order to carry out regular checks and training in the cleanroom area, various products, such as particle visualisation lamps, are required.

Cleaning liquids

In many cases, one cleaning agent is sufficient for all applications, but often special solutions are required to remove certain contaminants more effectively.