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Interesting facts

about cleanroom paper & accessories

The significance of paper as a particle emitting source in cleanrooms is often underestimated. Ordinary paper is made from cellulose. Hence mechanical abrasion, occurring on writing or printing on it, sheds a lot of particles. This is particularly true for notebooks and notepads which could contribute to the contamination of the cleanroom atmosphere with a simple touch.

In our range we offer you products made from specially cleanroom suitable materials for nearly all scopes of application.

Cleanroom paper made of treated cellulose, as single sheets or bound

Our paper is saturated and coated with a special polymer compound, which reduces particle emission and chemical outgasing.

Cleanroom paper shows the following features:

  • good tensile strength
  • good heat resistance
  • suitable for most office printers and copiers
  • can be written on with nearly every medium
  • single sheets can be sterilised
  • additionally perforated for various ring binders, notebooks and folders with blank, squared or lined sheets


  • made from special abrasion resistant polymer
  • equipped with two lever-arch mechanism made from metal
  • also available with ESD equipment

Cleanroom pens

  • abrasion resistant felt pens and ball pens in various colour options
  • optionally IPA resistant, fade and water-resistant, non-smearing, suitable for cold or wet surfaces
  • available sterile (individually bagged) and non-sterile


Cleanroom paper & accessories

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Paper, ring binders, notebooks, folders

Our paper is coated with a special polymer compound to reduce particle emission and chemical outgassing.


We offer sterile and non-sterile ball pens and felt pens for the cleanroom in various models.