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Interesting facts

about cleanroom shoes and cleanroom socks

In the case of cleanroom-suitable shoes, the primary concern is to ensure that the materials used in each case generate as few particles as possible. Therefore, one of the key words is "abrasion resistance". This means, among other things, the use of synthetic materials in the upper material as well as in the soles. 

Another important aspect is the changing of shoes in the airlock area to exclude cross-contamination as far as possible.

One of the basic requirements for cleanroom-suitable socks is that they must also be made of an abrasion-resistant material and be conductive and ESD-compatible. It should also be ensured that they are washable and sterilisable, as this is very important when used in microbiological controlled areas. 

Technical information

ESD Electrostatic Discharge
Wearing so-called ESD shoes is intended to prevent disruptive discharges between the wearer and his environment. According to standard EN 61340-5-1:2016, the contact resistance should be less than 3.5 x 107 ohms.

Steel toe cap, aluminium toe cap and composite toe cap
All three variants are certified according to EN ISO 22568-1, -2, -3, -4:2019 for outside and EN ISO 20344 for inside the shoe. The composite toe cap is extremely impact resistant, highly elastic and approx. 50% lighter than the steel toe cap. The aluminium toe cap is also approx. 50% lighter than the steel toe cap.

Identification: SB [OB], S1 [01], S2 [02] and S3 [03]
These markings reflect the requirements for safety shoes and (voluntary) additional requirements according to EN ISO 20345 [occupational shoes according to EN ISO 20347].

Basic requirement: slip resistance SB, divided into 3 classes (SRA, SRB or SRC). The energy absorption of the toe cap is 200 joules.

Additional requirements:

  • S1 – as SB, additional antistatic, oil and petrol resistant outsole, energy absorption in the heel area
  • S2 – same as S1, additional resistance of the shoe upper against water penetration and water absorption
  • S3 – like S2, additional penetration resistance and profiled outsole

Cleanroom shoes and socks

Please choose the category of your interest.

PU- & TPE-clogs

These washable clogs are available in different designs. They are partly autoclavable and available with exchangeable insoles.

Occupational shoes

We offer occupational shoes as clogs, slippers and sandals, which meet the basic cleanliness requirements and offer the wearer the necessary comfort.

Safety shoes

Safety shoes are available as clogs, slippers or sandals. They serve as protective clothing: the toe area is equipped with a protective cap made of steel, aluminium or plastic composite material.

Exchangeable insoles

Active Comfort and Soft Comfort insoles for occupational and safety footwear

Cleanroom socks

Cleanroom socks are made of abrasion-resistant synthetic material and can be sterilised for use in microbiological controlled areas

Cleanroom-suitable shoes

should, like all other garments worn by humans in cleanrooms, serve to protect the product or process.