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Interesting facts

about dispenser systems

General Requirements

► good processing and high quality materials
► easy handling for filling and dispensing
► professional and easy cleaning due to the product design

  • rounded edges
  • rounded and easy accessible corners
  • no unnecessary unevenness (particle trap)
  • wide opening lids

General Information

Dispenser systems can be used in various shapes, materials and designs in locks as well as in different grade controlled areas. They are used for the storage and proper dispensing of consumables such as disposable garments, wipes, gloves, disinfectants etc.

Beside their convinient features, dispenser systems can also be used as „flagships“ for the correct implementation of the required cleanliness requirements. Optimally placed they easily attract attention and hence serve as a visual reminder for the required dress code, especially for visitors.


Design specific characteristics

Most dispenser systems can be used standing on the desktops as well as being hung up. On some models, small rubber feet prevent them from slipping to easily.

Material specific characteristics

• economical
• partly removable base
• antistatic models available
• use only suitable cleaning products
Stainless steel
• generally 1.4301 quality
• stable under mechanical stress
• large dimensions feasible
• autoclavable
• disinfection resistant surface

Dispenser systems

Please choose the category of your interest.

Dispensers for disposable articles

Dispenser systems can be used in various designs both in airlocks and in various controlled areas for storage.

Dispensers for disposable overshoes

Automatic dispensers for disposable overshoes are not intended for storage, but rather to make it easier to put on.

Dispensers for disinfectants

Disinfectant dispensers are used for hand disinfection and are easy to use. They reduce the risk of cross-contamination.