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Interesting facts

about tacky mats

    The use of tacky mats prevents large quantities of unwanted particles from being carried into the cleanroom on shoe soles, castors of trolleys and ground conveyors, but also airborned. The combination of a washable permanent adhesive mat and a strongly adhesive peel-off foil tacky mat offers the optimum protection. Due to the “pre-cleaning” effect of the permanent adhesive mat the demand for foil tacky mats is reduced and therefore the current costs are lower.


    Application areas

    • before the personnel lock area
    • in the changing room area
    • before and after the sit-over
    • directly before or after the inner airlocks
    • during construction activities

    The DASTMAT-system

    Permanently adhesive and washable tacky mat

    This mat is mainly used for the intensive pre-cleaning of contact surfaces of the shoe soles. Commonly it is used as the initial cleaning step before entering the cleanroom.

    Peel-off foil tacky mats

    Strong adhesive and robust design make these mats ideal for the cleaning of shoe soles, castors etc. inside the transfer area.

    Tacky mats

    Removing a foil in 5 steps

    Step 1
    Initially pull on number flap of the contaminated foil while at the same time pressing the thumb of the other hand onto the number flap of the underlying clean foil.

    Step 2
    Now gently pull the contaminated foil to the next corner while continuing to hold the number flap of the clean foil.

    Step 3
    Next, grip the second corner and gently pull the contaminated foil approximately to the middle.

    Step 4
    Now take the third corner, while at the same time keeping hold of the first two corners with the other hand, and pull this one into direction of mat middle as well.

    Step 5
    Lastly the fourth corner of the top foil is now pulled in the direction of the mat middle. Bunch together the mainly detached foil in the middle. It can now be removed carefully without ripping it and without releasing any dust.


    Tacky mats

    Please choose the category of your interest.

    Permanent adhesive tacky mats

    Permanently adhesive tacky mats bind larger particles. The mat's own weight allows a non-slip laying on a flat, pre-cleaned floor.

    Peel-off foils tacky mats

    Foil tacky mats with self-adhesive underside for a strong floor adhesion are available in different adhesive strengths. The used layers are easy to remove.

    Floor plates for taky foil mats

    Where foil tacky mats are not allowed to be glued straight onto the floor, movable plates are used. Their slip resistant underside avoids slip or displacement under normal usage.